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New Artist Learning the ropes: webpage  

Ok  so many things are daunting as a New Kid on the block. Who would've thought that there are so many- quadrillion things even, that go into being master at your craft beyond the "write and sing" part?

I'll jump a few steps ahead and share briefly about one part of the production chain of a song:

A website vis-à-vis Marketing.

My advice is DO IT YOURSELF(DIY) without really doing it yourself!

If you were to DIY, you would need to learn a new craft altogether. Hence to really DIY would necessarily involve taking on a new career path possibly by having to learn website programming language, search engine optimization and a host of techie things that as an artist , you simply don't have time for or cannot afford to use this time to be doing anything besides from churning out great music.

Here is an example of REALLY DIY <<<<------ A little crappy, right?  

I couldn't agree more. I created that after spending hours learning some of the web coding language, and it turned out far from where it needs to be.

A basic website for an artist should have three basic pages:
1. Info about you, such as a Bio
2. Your music with options to download or purchase
3. A Press Kit

This is where you DON'T REALLY DIY.

There are custom made websites for musicians that are user friendly and can assist you in setting up your artist webpage. I got a jump start with Bandzoogle- no this is not a paid announcement. I am actually paying for the service, and so far I am pleased. So I ditched my DIY website (at least for now) and I am not really doing it myself at   

One step at a time. We can do it!


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