1. Your Kiss
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Your Kiss

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℗© Copyright 2016 Deon Morgan EMPI. All rights reserved.


Your Kiss makes me melt like fire on ice
Singeing miles of hate from my twilight
Sip this cup

Dip with me inside
Your breathe inebriates
I feel your love

Your kiss is like a bullet
And I’m rising
Higher than the smoke that’s piping
It’s taking the sad moments
And I’m stronger
To fight against a lonely heart hunger
-Released from hell’s fire
to a love that is burning

Hot wax on my skin fuels my desire
Course it through my veins
I need your love

Your kiss so deep
Wakens me I glide
Into your sweet honey
I feel your love

To Chorus

I need you
I want you
I’m here waiting for you
Here, now, come on

~deeFire (deon is)